NON-EU Nationals

As a non-EU citizen you must have a visa for stay in the Czech Republic. The visa requirement is waived by the European Community for visits up to 90 days in a 180-day period for nationals of the following countries:

List of third countries whose citizens are exempted from the visa requirement for a stay up to 90 days:

Third country nationals (non-EU) are obliged to register with the Foreign Police in the Czech Republic within 3 working days of the entry to the CR. For the registration you will need: a completed registration card (available at the office), passport, health insurance and to know your Czech address and name of the owner of the provided accommodation.

This obligation does not apply for foreigners under the age of 15 years or for foreigners who are reported by the accommodation provider.

• Visas
• Residence Permits
• EU Family member temporary residence
• Employee Card
• Health Insurance
• Trade license
• SRO (limited liability company)
• Certificates of Indebtedness
• Parking card
• Accounting services and Tax returns
• Other services upon request